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Our Services

From Transaction to Transition, We Provide Personalized Attention and Unmatched Expertise

Our Services

Capital Markets Group professionals possess detailed knowledge of the business climate with your company’s objectives at the top of the agenda. Capital Markets Group provides a full picture of options for the company and then assists in outlining a strategy aimed at meeting those goals. An outright sale is not always the only course of action, and Capital Markets Group does the research necessary to determine the best course of action for our clients. After a plan has been determined, Capital Markets Group keeps all of the objectives on track and executes the process. With a commitment to resourcefulness and integrity from transaction through transition, Capital Markets Group’s active participation in each phase reduces disruption to the business itself. Capital Markets Group achieves this goal with a focus on the following services provided for our clients.

Team Collaboration

Mergers and Acquisitions: Sell-Side

Capital Markets Group provides exclusive sell-side and exit strategy services through our industry teams that develop and execute a strategy to maximize returns on many business levels. We provide personal attention, contacts, expertise and the resources necessary to value, package, market and facilitate a successful transaction in a variety of industries. Capital Markets Group brings equilibrium between our clients and the buying communities to ensure our client’s interests are addressed. We have the ability to accomplish this process time and time again through our knowledgeable and industry-experienced professionals, which are well versed in all aspects of relationship managing and transactional business flow.

Team Collaboration

Strategic Planning and Business Consulting

Capital Markets Group helps business owners maximize profits by capitalizing on the company’s strengths in the market place. We provide a clear analysis of your company from market values to growth and exit strategies. We understand how “buyers” look at a company in the acquisition process and understand the specific intricacies of many different industries. If now is not the right time to sell your business we can help prepare you and the company for when the time is right. We can also work with clients to provide business plans used for various financial, marketing, banking, management presentations and personal purposes.

Team Collaboration

Target and Acquisition Search: Buy-Side

In today’s ever evolving business environment, M&A landscape and global economy many companies, in addition to their own organic growth, will aggressively pursue acquisitions as a means of fueling continued expansion and obtaining a competitive edge. This expansion, through acquisition(s), may come in the form of increased market share in existing locations, penetration into a new geographic area, providing access to different types of customers, creating new product/service lines or facilitating a sizeable entrance into an entirely new industry by acquiring a platform type business. Capital Markets Group works with the desired company to help develop and execute a growth plan through acquisitions that will fulfill the company’s specific business strategy. Capital Markets Group identifies the factors crucial to maximizing returns for your business, then we apply our resources to providing the company with opportunities to achieve the pre-defined goals (size, geography, key personnel, product lines, increased market presence, etc.). We align our interests with yours to help ensure that a successful transaction is completed in a timely, confidential, effective and appropriate manner.

Team Collaboration

Business Valuation

Capital Markets Group’s valuation services are well suited to a wide variety of circumstances, including, but not limited to, mergers and acquisitions; divestitures of business subsidiaries and divisions; business disputes; buy/sell agreements; divorce; estate planning; taxation; litigation support; and goodwill impairment testing. Industry knowledge, transaction experience and valuation expertise play an important part in business valuations used for a variety of different company purposes.

Team Collaboration


Hear from our satisfied clients who have experienced our exceptional service and expertise.

After interviewing numerous brokers it was quite clear that Mary had the best insight on our market.

Bob Jamison
Owner Marshall Elevator Co.

Mike knew the industry, he understood my business, he had my objectives at the forefront and aggressively pursued all aspects of the transaction with my best interests in mind.

Rich Meurer
Owner International Elevator

We could not and would not have done this without you.

Leslie Slezak
Owner Anntronix Fire Alarm, Inc.